Timberwilde Pool
  • Pool is for Timberwilde residents.
  • Guests welcome when accompanied by an adult Timberwilde resident.
  • Pool is closed every Tuesday for mandatory cleaning.
  • No running.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No water balloons.
  • Children under the age of 12 must accompanied by adult.
  • No jumping from pool furniture.
  • Furniture not to be placed in pool.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No profanity.
  • Courtesy expected.
  • Tennis Courts are for Timberwilde residents and their guests.
  • Guests welcome when accompanied by a Timberwilde resident.
  • Playing time is limited to 2 sets, or 1 1/2 hours when other players are waiting.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn while playing on the courts.
  • No jogging or street shoes allowed.
  • Clean up trash when leaving courts.
  • Be courteous to other players and observe the rules of the game.
  • Please do not use skateboards or bicycles on the courts.
  • Damages will be charged to persons responsible.
  • Please call the office to reserve the baseball field in advance for any team practices.
  • Please leave all bases in place.
Timberwilde Tennis Courts
Timberwilde Baseball Fields